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Thank you very much for our lives. We were actually searching for a good ortho doctor for my mother's treatment. At that time I heard about Sudhir doctor. In the very first sight itself, I understand that he is not only a good doctor but also a good human being. Doctor easily did the operation and my mother was able to walk again without any difficulties. My mother could not have done so soon if she was under treatment of any other doctor. Sudhir doctor's hands are with the blessings God has made. Anyone can approach him without any doubt. Let him lead many people to a glorious life. May bless him and give him a long life.


I consider myself fortunate to get a doctor like Dr Sudhir Pai to conduct my surgery. He has a lot of patience with his patients, a very friendly doctor who explains and educate you  about your case and take special interest in the patient's well being after surgery. I am not able to write anything about the surgery as I was unconscious and the only thing I know about it is what I saw in YouTube 😀


After routine medication and physiotherapy advised by the doctor, I could get rid of the Walker and walk on my own in 4 weeks within the house. After complete rest and physiotherapy for 8 weeks gradually started normal routine with short walks outside the house with knee support which progressed to longer walks gradually. By 10 weeks I was able to  walk 5 km per day, climb stairs and travel , all with knee support and continuing strengthening exercises.

In the 19th week, I participated in a high altitude trek to 12000 feet altitude. The trek was 6 days program with ascends and descends and with distance covered per day varying from 12 to 16 km . I could   do all these and complete the trek with an operated knee which didn't give any problem. Thanks to my doctor who did a perfect job with my knee and encouraged me to participate in the trek. Iwouldhavecancelled it if his assurance was not there.


Bibin Mathew

My Experience in my mother-in-law’s total knee replacement surgeries.


My Mother in law Smt. Chandrika, now aged 59 years(body weight 84kg) having blood pressure, diabetic and varicose vein was suffered from left knee pain in 2015. At those times we heard about knee replacement and the percentage of success rate is 50:50. At that time we heard about Dr. Sudhir Pai and his surgeries are 100% success. We consulted him and done the knee replacement surgery at Cosmo Politan Hospital on 20.05.2015 and she walked using walker from the next day and without walker from the next day onwards and discharged on the 7th day. After that she has undergone strict physiotherapy and later she can live a normal life. And sometimes she says that the replaced knee is stronger than the original one. We are 100% satisfied.


Later in 2018 she is having some issues in her other knee and we again consulted Dr. Sudhir Pai at Apollo clinic, law college junction and Dr. advised us to do the surgery as early as possible and the right knee is fully damaged. So we admitted her in Cosmo Pliton Hospital on Christmas day evening and the surgery was done on the next day and she walked using walker on the same day. On 26th and 27th she was in ICU and Dr. advised us to discharge on 29.12.2018. But my mother in law’s request, she stayed 2 more days in hospital and discharged on 31.12.2018. After the hospital days she is walking without walker, Now she is in strict physiotherapy.


Reshmi V

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